How to Create a Folder and Assign User Permissions

Note for customers familiar with our prior /siteadmin control panel:
There is no longer a need to create "Workspaces" in a separate control panel. A workspace is merely a folder that has some configurations (permissions, notifications, etc.) that make it different from its parent folder.

Creating the Folder

  1. On the main left menu, click 0160-files-empty.png Files
  2. In the Directory Tree, click on the folder that you want this new folder inside of, i.e. the new folder's parent.
  3. Click the 0214-folder-plus2.png New Folder button. A new line opens at the top of the current directory.
  4. Choose a name for the new folder (defaults to new_folder) and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

Now navigate to the folder you just created. Clicking the folder name will open it.

Assigning Permissions

Make sure you are in now inside the folder you created above. Then,

  1. Click on the 0525-users4.png Access tab. You will notice that site administrators already have access with full privileges.
  2. Click the 0506-user-plus.png Add Access button. A new line appears on the access list.
  3. Using the "Select user" pull down list, find the user that you want to give access to this folder.
  4. Review or edit the Upload, Download, Delete and List permissions.
  5. Click Save.

You should see the folder icon change to a colored icon with a check mark on it 0217-folder-check.png indicating that it is no longer just a sub-folder, but it is now considered a Workspace (having settings different from its parent).

Repeat this process to assign additional users to this new folder.