How to add, change, or remove alerts to a workspace

In this article we will detail how to add, change, and remove alerts for a workspace. Alerts for a workspace allows you to track when data is uploaded, downloaded, or a defined disk limit is exceeded.

*This function requires you to be logged into site administration.*

To access the alerts for a workspace, do the following:
While in Site Administration click on the Workspaces tab. Then click on the magnifying glass to the left of the workspace you want to manage.

Next click the Alerts icon.You will see the list of email addresses used for alerts on the workspace.


In this window you add, change, and remove alerts for the selected workspace.

There are 3 types of alerts you can set in this window. They are activated when the action is performed on the site for this workspace. The alert types are:

Upload: For when a file is uploaded to this workspace.
Download: For when a file is downloaded from this workspace.
Disk: For when a workspace exceeds the disk usage amount set in the "Disk Usage Alert Level".

To add an alert type the email address into the "Email" box and select one or more of the alert types. Then click the add iconto add it to the list of email addresses assigned to this workspace.

To delete an email address click the trash icon.

To change what an email address is notified for add or remove the check from the corresponding column for the email address.

Once you have completed managing the alerts for this workspace click the OK button to save the changes.

Additional Notes:

If you are sending alerts to multiple addresses on the same domain it is best to setup an email list on that domain. Contact your email provider for more information.

If you or your clients are not receiving email notifications check your junk mail and/or your email providers spam blocking services.

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