How to use your own domain name

When signing up for service with FTP Today we provide you a domain to use to connect to the site. (example: However if you have an existing company domain that you would like to use (example: then you can follow this article to use it in conjunction with the FTP Today site. Depending on the services you use additional charges may apply.*

In order to use your own domain name you will need to create a DNS A name record for the FTP Today site. If you are not the administrator for your company domain you will need to contact the DNS administrator, IT Support, or Web Hosting Provider to have them create a DNS A name record.

To use an A name record you first need locate the IP address for the site. Open a web browser and go to the Site Admin for the site. (example: On the Overview tab you will see a section titled “Site Information.” The “IP address” is listed in this section. (example: 74.126.9X.XX) Make note of this as you will need it when creating the DNS record.

Add an A name record for your domain to point to the FTP Today site IP address. (example: IN A 74.126.9X.XXX)

Once the new A record has been created and is seen** at FTP Today an update to your account will be made to use the new host name.

*If you are using SSL services such as HTTPS and FTPS you will be required to purchase an SSL Certificate to match your A record.

**DNS must propagate across the internet. This operation can take from 2 – 24 hours to complete.

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