How to create a User with a different starting Workspace

To create a basic user with a different starting workspace, do the following:

Click the New User icon  this will open the New User window.

Type the username for the account.

Username limitations:

1 to 50 characters in length containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dash, underscore, left parentheses, right parentheses or @.

Type the password and then type the same password in the Repeat Password box.

Password limitations:

Passwords can contain any keyboard characters including special characters.

Click on the down arrow for the Home Directory.

Select the workspace you would like this user to go to when they login.

Selecting FTP Site Root will allow the user to see all the workspaces they have access to upon log in. However the user will need to first change to a workspace prior to being able to upload data.

Click the OK button to complete creating the user.

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