How to create users with the Import Users feature

To create users with the Import Users feature do the following:

First click the Import Users icon.  You will then have the Import Users window pop up.

Browse to the CSV file on your machine.

Click the OK button for the file to be processed. Once complete a window confirming that the users were created will be displayed.

The CSV file should look like the following:

"User","Password","Starting Workspace","Email","Real name","Suspend date","Comments","Status","Password Expiration","Overwrite","Additional workspace","Upload","Download","Delete","View","Department"

The CVS file can have additional information as well. Here is a complete list of the entries you can have:

User,Password,Starting Workspace,Email,Real name,Suspend date,Comments,Department

User field - Required Password - Required Starting Workspace - Optional - If blank or if set to a non-existent Workspace then a new Private Workspace will be created. Email - Optional - Defaults to blank Real name - Optional - Defaults to blank Suspend date - Optional - Defaults to no suspension - Format mm/dd/yyyy Comments - Optional - Defaults to blank Department - Optional - If set, the user and any created workspace will be assigned to the department

Click "Sample file" to see sample of CSV imports.

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