How to add User Alert to a Recipient

User Alerts allow you to be notified via email when a user uploads or downloads a file. You can also be alerted when a user has exceeded a certain amount of space.

There are 3 different types of alerts:

Upload: This alert is sent when files are uploaded by this user.
Download: This alert is sent when files are downloaded by this user.
Disk: This alert is sent when a user exceeds the disk usage amount you have set. *

To add User Alerts to a recipient, do the following:

First click on the magnifying glass  next to the recipient you want to manage. This will bring up the manage window.

Next click the User Alerts icon.

This will open the User Alerts for the recipient. This is where you will be able to add alerts for upload, download, and/or disk.

Next start typing the username in the search box. This is a live search and will begin listing the results as you type.

Once the user you would like to add to this recipient is found click the username to select it. Then click the check boxes you would like the the recipient to be alerted for.

Next click the plus icon  to add the user to this list. You will now see the user name with options selected in the list for this recipient. **

To complete this click the OK button.

* Disk Usage Alert Level is set in the User Detail window in the Users Section.
** You can add as many user names as needed at the same time.

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