Web App - File Sharing (InfiniShare)

What is File Sharing

File sharing allows any end user with download rights in a workspace to share files with third parties (non-users) by creating InfiniShare™ Links.

What are InfiniShare Links?

InfiniShare Links are signed URL's (URL's with a special token) that will allow temporary access to download anything from a single file to multiple files and folders (within a single workspace or sub-folder) without requiring a username and password for login. Therefore, these links should be considered public links that can be shared with anyone. InfiniShare Options allow the site administrator to control the expiration of these links for added security.

How do the links work?

After selecting file(s) to share and creating an InfiniShare link, the user will be able to copy the signed URL to their clipboard so they can email the link to their intended recipient. When the link is clicked and the signed URL is visited, the third party recipient will immediately receive a download hand-off to their web browser; third parties will not be logged in and will not be able to see or navigate the same workspace as the user.

Administrators can control many aspects of the InfiniShare system.

How to Enable or Disable InfiniShare

  • Allow users to create public links - This will toggle on or off the ability of users to create and share links. If this is off, the entire InfiniShare system is disabled and any unexpired links are no longer valid.

How to Manage InfiniShare Options

  • Number of days before links expire - This establishes the default number of days from creation upon which links will automatically expire, whether used or not.
  • Maximum number of downloads per link - This establishes the maximum number of times a link can be used (i.e. the number of times the file or files can be downloaded) prior to the date of expiration.
  • Notify user when link is used - This establishes the default for whether the user creating an InfiniShare link will be emailed a notification when the link is used. Requires that the user have a valid email address in their user profile.
  • Allow users to override link options - This determines whether all of the above InfiniShare Options can be overridden by the end user at the time of creating the InfiniShare link.
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