How to receive data from a client using Infinishare Inbox.

You can use the Infinshare Inbox system to generate a link that will allow clients to upload data to your site without the need for a user account.

To create an InfiniShare Inbox link do the following:

1. Log into the site and navigate to the location of the data you would like to receive the data.


2. Click the Infinshare Inbox button inbox_button.jpg this will open the Create InfiniShare Link window.


3. Click the copy icon icon_copy.jpg to copy the link to your machines clipboard to paste it into an email or message to your client.

4. Click Save


Once your client uses the link, they will go through this process to upload data to your site:

1. Open the link to the Infinishare Inbox you will be asked to provide a email address.


2. Next you will need to select the files you want to upload. You can drag and drop them in the box or using the Choose File button to select them.


3. Click the start button inbox_start_button.jpg to upload the files.

4. When the upload is complete click the Done button inbox_done_button.pngto close the Infinishare Inbox upload session.


After the client uses the Infinishare Inbox to upload data you can retrieve the data from the directory you created the Infinishare Inbox link in. The data is stored in a directory that named using the email address used at the time of upload with a string of letters and numbers. *This string after the email address is used so that the same client to upload multiple times without issue*