The Infishare tab is only available to administrators and team managers. The tab allows for you to manage the Infishare Inbox and Outbox links created on your site. This tab is located on each directory. When you select this on the root of the site you can manage all of the Infinishare links on your site.

Infishare Outbox icons:
tab_icon_active_outbox.jpg - Active Infishare Outbox
tab_icon_expired_outbox.jpg - Expired Infishare Outbox

Infishare Inbox icons:
tab_icon_active_inbox.jpg - Active Infishare Inbox
tab_icon_expired_inbox.jpg - Expired Infishare Inbox

Other icons:
tab_icon_copy.jpg - Copy - Copy the link for active Infinishare links. 
tab_icon_delete.jpg - Delete - Delete the link. 
tab_icon_renew.jpg - Renew Uses - Renew the link to number of uses the link was created with.
tab_icon_extend.jpg - Extend Time - Extend the links time by the numb
tab_icon_expire_now.jpg - Expire Link - This expires the link immediately.

Path - This is the path to the directory and/or files for the link.
Creator - This is the user account that created the link.
Pwd - This notes if the link has a password.
Allow - This is the number of uses allowed.
Remain - This is how many uses remain.
Notify - This notes if the link will generate an email when used.
Created - This is the date the link was created.
Expires - This is the date when the link expires or expired.
Last Use - This is the date when the link was last used.
Modified - This is the date when the link was last modified.
Files - This is the number of files the link has. Click the down arrow to show the entire list.